Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Taming the Clutter: Baskets and Containers

One thing that helps me stay organized are baskets and containers.
I keep a cleaning tub under the sink in each of my bathrooms and in the kitchen, holding all the supplies I need to clean that area. It makes it so quick and efficient to have everything right there ready to go!

I love organizing everything into baskets to tame clutter and keep things grouped together. In my linen closet, I have these baskets to hold all our extra toiletries I keep stocked, first aid items, etc.
In my daughters closet, I have all kinds of baskets to organize her different toys. And now she is learning where they all go and how to put them away herself!
And the great thing about these baskets? They are ALL from the dollar store! That's right! Organizing doesn't have to be expensive. Head to your local dollar store and I'm sure you will find all you need to get organized, and it will not break the bank!
Another thing I love to do is label. I don't have a cricut or a silhouette, (on my wish list) but you can use stickers, you can print labels off your computer, use card stock to make tags, etc. Be creative! When everything has its own place, it has a great likelihood of staying there.


  1. Dollar store here I come!!! Super cute!

  2. I just bought some containers at the dollar store TODAY then I saw this awesome post and you got me even more excited about organization. I'm totally loving this cute creative blog of yours! One of my biggest things I'm trying to work on this year is organization... so keep these tips coming!!!!

  3. Love your new blog Carlie, so crafty!

  4. I want to see a picture of B's closet and her organized toys! I am trying to figure out how to organize toys in my daughters room. The plastic storage drawer thing is over flowing and not working any more.