Thursday, January 5, 2012

Saturday Chores

Thanks for the comments, ideas, and questions about the laundry detergent! I love hearing everyones tips and suggestions! One question was that was asked was:
"Does this soap work in an HE machine?"
Answer: I don't have an HE machine, so I guess officially I don't know, but the ladies that taught me how to make it said it maybe make a small batch and try it? Or if anyone knows, please leave me a comment!
Another question: How do I make the soap smell good?
Answer: add essential oils!! Any that you like!
Another question: does the soap have to be shaken up or stirred before use?
Answer: If you make a giant batch of the liquid kind, it will need to be stirred occassionally. Another great idea is to make it in smaller quantities or to store it in smaller bottles, so that it can be shaken up before each use. If you make the powder version, you won't have to worry about this.

I thought for today I would talk a little bit about the Saturday chores that I mentioned. Each Saturday, we pick a few odd jobs around the house to do together as a family. Some of these things include:

  • Cleaning base boards -- We usually do this every other week so they stay nice and clean. This is a great chore for kids to do because they can crawl along the floor and wipe a little easier than us adults :)
  • Dusting ceiling fans -- this is something that doesn't get done very often, but when we do it, I get so grossed out at how much dust collects up there!
  • Vacuum edges of carpet -- I vacuum a couple times a week, but the vacuum never gets right along the edge where the carpet meets the wall, and dust does collect there over time. I use an attachement on my vacuum that can get right up to the edge, and go all around the house, including in closets.
  • Lemon oil wood cabinets -- kitchen, bathrooms, etc.
  • Wash curtains, dust ruffles on beds, etc. (This happens very rarely!)
  • Clean windows/window sills --  I love to get outside and clean the outside windows as well! (Tip: try to clean the windows on a cooler, cloudy day. There's more chance of streaking if the windows are warm.)
These are just a few things we do, and keep in mind, we only pick one or two so it only takes about 15-20 minutes, then we never have to devote the entire weekend to deep cleaning the house!
Happy Cleaning!

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