Sunday, August 19, 2012

Job Charts

My sister in law created these darling job charts to help her and her kids stay organized during the summer. I know this post is late, as summer is ending and school is starting, but I think they could be adapted to help organize and fit the busy schedules of the back to school season.
She laminated everything and the top row is jobs that are the same every day. For jobs that change each day, she made separate tags, so she could switch them for different kids/different days, etc. She used command strips and small hooks to hang them.

She set the timer each morning and if the kids got all their jobs done by noon, they would get a star. Once they filled three rows with stars, they got a date with mom or dad.

I love this idea, and I especially love that the reward is not a toy or a surprise, but some quality one on one time with mom or dad. The kids looked SO forward to their dates!

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