Thursday, March 8, 2012


So someone has been completely slacking on the blogging around here...I have a million excuses..wanna hear 'em? How about instead I share a recipe? I honestly have not been cooking much lately...nothing's sounding good, and I'm getting a little tired of winter cooking--crockpots, soups, etc. Well, today was 70 degrees and BEAUTIFUL and inspired a little spring foods! I made pitas and they were delish! Well, I didn't actually make the pitas themselves, but I made the filling and it was so easy and so yummery and so light and tasty. It just felt like spring.

For the Pita Filling I chopped up veggies :
Lettuce, tomatoes, and I LOVE adding sprouts. You could grate carrots, add chopped spinach, anything you like!

 In a bowl, combine with the veggies:
shredded cheese, diced lunch meat (I used ham and chicken) sunflower seeds, sliced olives (these two ingredients are key!)
 If you are going to eat it now, go ahead and add mayonaise and mix it all together. If you are going to eat it later, or are only eating part of the filling, mix with mayonnaise in a separate bowl so that the leftovers don't get soggy.

Put filling in pita (the pitas at my grocery store didn't look too yummy so I just bought sandwich thins.
 I forgot to take a picture of the filling inside of the pita, because I was too darn hungry!

Just a little tip: if you buy those romaine hearts that come 3 in a bag, wash them all when you get them home, let them dry a little, wrap them in paper towels, and store them in a bag. They stay fresh and crisp much longer!

And coming soon... this lovely old filing cabinet is getting a facelift! Can't wait!

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